Aftermath Islands is celebrating the amazing milestone of LKoT players generating over

1,000,000 Resource Pack NFTs in its first 100 days!

Programs and Giveaways!


To celebrate the 1 million Resource pack milestone we are giving away 30,000 Community Island Single Plots!

Each with an approximate retail value of USD $35.

No Purchase necessary, void where prohibited. 1 plot per LKoT player. Land will be delivered each Wednesday, starting February 15, 2023, to LKoT players with WAX Wallets attached in game. Giveaway ended April 3, 2023.

Surprise Giveaways

We’ll randomly be giving away some really cool items to new and existing users!

No Purchase necessary, void where prohibited.

LKoT Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program

Ambassadors earn $10 in Aftermath Islands Metaverse Gift Cards for every new LKoT sign up, using their LKoT referral code. 

Referral Program

Referral Program

You don’t need to be a qualified Ambassador to earn unique in-game bonuses for every new player you bring to LKoT!  Simply share your Referral Link which can be found by clicking the Menu icon (3 lines in red at top right) and clicking ‘Referral’.  Any new players that come to LKoT via your link will get a starting bonus and you will get in-game bonuses that increase with every new player.

Aftermath Islands Affiliate Program

Everyone is eligible to join our Affiliate Program and earn commission from the sale of other Aftermath Islands Metaverse virtual land and items.

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