Aftermath Islands Metaverse In-Game Currency

LOONS, the in-game currency of Aftermath Islands will be available in upcoming releases prior to launch. Doubloons is the digital token used to pay for goods and services in the Aftermath Islands metaverse and will be supported by a blockchain tokenized ecosystem.

In anticipation of the launch of LOONS the in-game currency (IGC), please see the following potential usage examples:

• Purchase Virtual Land
• Pay any future services or subscription fees (rent, entertainment, courses, usage fees, etc.)
• Buy house/resources/ tools / pets – other items
• Pay for goods and services
• Transportation services (Islands / embassies / other Metaverses)
• Venue / Event Entrance Fees
• Trade, gifting and engaging with other players, NPCs
• Buying items from shops, vendors
• Buy skins, avatars, digital twin items
• Upgrade your avatar – buy better base outfit, equipment or change the appearance of your avatar
• Buy boosts, power ups, enhancements for games and quizzes
• Create business and pay for your own building (shop, factory etc.), furniture, workers, materials and so on.
• Subscribe for future premium services
• Successfully finish quests and tasks, etc.
• Complete surveys and participate in events

• Creating your own business and selling goods and / or services
• Usage fees for crafting blueprints or stations
• Levy on infrastructure or public utilities
• Pay usage fees for Mounts or transportation vehicles
• Trading House items and commissions
• Items repair fees
• Vehicles repair fees
• Fuel (different kinds with different benefits for the vehicle)
• NPC vendors wandering around the islands and selling unique items and consumables, etc.
• Fee for increasing the opportunity to repeating a Quest/Raid more than the daily limit
• Fee for changing the appearance of your House, Vehicles, Weapons etc.
• License fees for mining, fishing, hunting, gathering, etc.
• Club, Events, Memberships
• In-game staking requirements where applicable
• Play to Earn program upgrades
• Other usages, upgrades as updated from time to time