Aftermath Islands Partners

The Aftermath Islands Metaverse is a place where people come together to work, play, learn, earn, socialize, build, and game in new and innovative ways.  Aftermath Islands Metaverse prides itself on its partner programs and wishes to thank our Partners that bring community, innovation and ideas and technologies to our virtual world.


LootMogul is an athlete-led sports metaverse, powered by virtual real estate, training academies, blockchain games and metashops centered on athletes and sports brands with in-real-life (IRL) rewards. With 201+ players onboarded, LootMogul has developed a novel method of bringing brands and professional athletes into the metaverse for gaming and commerce. Here athletes and fans get a chance to interact with each other in meta cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Dubai, Arizona, etc.

Lux Lions

The Lux Lions Brand originated as a rare, blue-chip NFT collection of 10,000 lion-themed digital assets that live within the XRP Ledger. Coming off the success of their NFT Launch, Lux Lions expanded their brand by becoming one of the first NFT projects on the XRPL to enter the metaverse with the Lux Lions Oasis on Aftermath Islands.

Lux Lions Vision for partnering with Aftermath Islands is to become the #1 metaverse project associated with the XRP Ledger, delivering experiential gaming, and unmatched utility to its holders and paving the way for future NFT and metaverse projects for years to come.

One of the unique features of the Lux Lions Oasis is that any project across the XRP Ledger are welcome to join the Oasis as brand collaboration partners. These partnerships are a testament to Lux Lions’ commitment to being a community-driven project, by providing economic opportunities, entertainment, and a positive impact on our XRPL community by empowering the creators, players, and investors with long-term partnerships.

About the Lux Lions Oasis Founders: 

Ripple Van Winkle is an XRP enthusiast, Youtuber and entrepreneur who began posting videos to YouTube in 2020 gaining more than 6 million views and over 50K subscribers. His mission is simple: he thrives to educate newcomers and veterans in the digital asset space by providing them real time/real world factual updates on the current crypto and digital asset environments.

JD is an IT entrepreneur, avid gamer, and crypto enthusiast. Spending majority of his career standing up successful IT consultant businesses he has found his true passion at the crossroads of gaming and crypto by entering the metaverse space.  


RENOVI is a leading Metaverse platform working with a multitude of global designers, brands and businesses to help them navigate the Web3.0 space by offering services such as land rental, 3D building and wearable (marketplace) purchasing and leasing, job opportunities, and buildathons development.  

Renovi Studios, the company’s design division, has already become an established business in the Web3.0 space – creating, developing, implementing and delivering Metaverse and digital asset strategies in the fashion, entertainment, sports, and hospitality sectors. 

Meta Yachts

Meta Yachts the premier superyacht provider in the Metaverse. The team brings together experts and leaders from the yachting industry, blockchain, web3, tech, game and virtual world design to create unique and forward-thinking fully operable watercraft for the metaverse.

The company has already designed and built eight unique, fully-functional 3D superyachts, each showcasing a distinct concept. They’ve built the Meta Marina to go with it; the world’s very first metaverse marina which also serves as the headquarters of the company. Meta Yachts launched in Decentraland during the inaugural virtual Fashion Week in March, 2022, and is expanding in additional metaverses, working with brands and individuals to create luxury experiences. The company’s mission is to bring yachting & luxury to the metaverse.

Aftermath Apes

Aftermath Apes is an independent collection of 4,000 NFTS across the Ethereum Blockchain, generated from over 80+ hand-drawn and Unique Traits.

Built on the Ethereum Blockchain, Aftermath Apes chose the blockchain for its large existing network. The Ethereum Network is the second largest blockchain in the world, which provides buyers and sellers vast exposure to a growing market.

Aftermath Apes chose the Aftermath Islands Metaverse as their partner because of their cutting-edge technology surrounding digital identity and GPU cloud, in-game utility, and famed creative for storytelling. Metaverse opportunities and virtual land are the next evolution for NFT projects utility. There is no better utility to give your holders than to offer opportunities for them to create their own utility that matches their passions and interests on their own land, and Aftermath Apes believe that by working with Aftermath Islands they can maximize value and utility to their community.

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