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The Aftermath Islands Story

The world as we knew it was flooded and destroyed by a 100-year rain.

It was a slow rising flood, so millions of people were able to prepare and survive. During the time of this great flood, what remained of society lived on rusting away cruise ships, barges and makeshift boats and rafts. Many people enabled their houses to float, but violent ocean storms and nature has long since destroyed those.

It is now 30 years into the aftermath of the historical rain and floating islands that began to appear during the rain are becoming habitable. Pirates are the first to claim these islands and will sell them to the highest bidder.

aftermath islands game

You’ve saved your entire life, sold all of your personal possessions and are ready for the chance to buy your very own island. It’s up to the island owners, and land owners upon that island, to rebuild a new land dwelling society.

After building a strong community, and defenses, battle other islands for their community resources. Islands may choose to opt out of direct battles, but will still passively compete for “best of” titles for game bonuses and resources.

No Progress Limits

In addition to utilizing multiple gaming currencies for p2p transactions and an in game exchange, we would like to incorporate assets from other games on the Tron Network into Aftermath Islands. Theses will be considered rare assets within Aftermath Islands, will be limited in the amount allowed within game at a concurrent time and have special boost properties for player characters.

The Gameplay

When you purchase an island from the pirates, they will take you to your new island and drop you off at the beach.

Islands will be raw, with overgrowth and nature running rampant. It’s up to the island owner to begin clearing land and paths for settlement, exploring the island to uncover the map view, scavenge for junk and collect resources.

Players will be able to choose one profession, one hobby and specialize in one survival skill. All three will have the potential to help you profit in the game. Wander islands looking for scavenge items, collecting resources and meet other players to trade anything you’re carrying.

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Game Assets

Each asset will have a space value that is used to automatically calculate how much stuff can be carried by a person, barge, boat, etc or stored at the base camp or town hall. Assets distributed by the game will be limited in number. Player crafted items will not be limited, the economy will keep these under control. Gen1 animals are tokenized and limited to a total supply of only 100,000 each. Players must begin with basic structures before upgrading to larger, more advanced structures.

Ancient Map

Token Assets

Check our current list with Aftermath Islands game assets

Aftermath Islands Assets - Boat

Both Animals and Buildings are initially sold by Pirates.

Basic structures are required to upgrade to level 2 structure.

Gen1 animals are required to breed Gen2 animals. Gen1 animals are required to breed any other generation of animals. Only Gen2 and above animals may be harvested for meat. Animal health will need to be maintained above 50%, by feeding, for animal production or breeding to take place. Animals will not die from lack of food, they will only stop producing.

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Stone Resource

Non Token Assets

All resources would be non token assets

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