The Core Team


Serial Entrepreneur, Marketer, Tech Evangelist, Capital Supporter & Mentor. David Lucatch is the Co-Founder, President, Director & Chair of Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. and an official member of the Forbes Business Council, The Rolling Stone Culture Council and Cointelegraph Innovation Circle. Starting his career at the emergence of desktop publishing in the mid 1980’s and as an early Internet adopter, David has spent more than 35 years in the international marketing arena and over 20 years of that developing online business concepts and technologies and taking them to market. David has held senior management posts and directorships at both private and public media and technology firms. Throughout his business career he has been an active supporter of numerous organizations and has been recognized and awarded internationally for his service and community support activities.

Dinko Dinkov is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Aftermath Islands Metaverse Limited. He has over 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship with developing business in different fields. During that time, Dinko has established his reputation for building relationships with customers as well as with business partners and companies.

Management Team

Rob Cole is the Head of Production, Gaming and Technology for Aftermath Islands. He has held executive and managerial positions in SaaS, AI Development, translations, and manufacturing sectors of print and automotive.

Rob participates in all matters of sales, strategy and product development and the integration of technology and process in the business.

Craig McCannel is the Chief Financial Officer for Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. With over 20 years of professional experiences, Craig has provided CFO services to both privately held Fintech and Technology companies as well as publicly traded technology focused companies both in Canada and the United States.  
Lynn Cumiskey is Chief Compliance Officer for Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc.  Lynn has an extensive background working in the technology arena with securities and corporate counsel, auditors, regulators and investment brokers and dealers, having previously held positions in both public and private firms over a 20+ year career.
Cara Buckspan is the Marketing Manager for Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. Cara has held previous marketing roles in both public / private firms, having over 10 years of experience in the social media and marketing fields, excelling in creative execution for brand and client campaigns.

Creative Team

James Bade is the Creative Lead Designer for Aftermath Islands. James Bade has been in the design and digital services industry for over 20 years. James brings with him experience and know how having come from numerous agencies and studio environments. Servicing multiple markets, James continues to help clients with professional services, to assist them with their visual and digital goals. James has provided creative solutions for major brands and licenses including; NFL, NHL, Warner Bros, DC Comics, Disney and more.
Mariano Nicieza is the Creative Director for Aftermath Islands. Mariano has worked in writing, illustration, design and art direction in digital and print comics, magazines. Trading cards, posters, brochures and dozens of commercial projects for Marvel Entertainment, Disney Malibu, Feer, Paramount and Panasonic. At Marvel Entertainment he held positions as special-projects editor and senior art director.
Fabian Nicieza is the Storyworld Developer for Aftermath Islands. Best known as the co-creator of Marvel’s Deadpool, Fabian is a writer and editor for 35 years who has worked on nearly every superhero character published by Marvel and DC and provided story world development for Hollywood franchises including Pirates of the Caribbean, James Cameron’s Avatar, Halo, Transformers, and many more.
Gordon Purcell is a Pencil Artist for Aftermath Islands. Gordon has worked on numerous comic books such as The Flash, The Avengers, Silver Sable & Justice League, but is best known for his work on different Star Trek titles. He’s drawn for DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, IDW and Apex Comics Group.
Anwar Hanano is a Colorist for Aftermath Islands. Anwar has worked as an illustrator and graphic designer since 2012, after attending the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art. Anwar worked for a graphic design firm and later a construction materials company while freelancing for comics and board game publishers.
Kirstine Danica Lim is a Colorist for Aftermath Islands. Kristine is a freelance artist based in the Philippines. She graduated Cum Laude at the University of Santo Tomas-College of Fine Arts and Design major in Advertising Arts. She can work with various art styles and can use both digital and traditional media.
Laura Martin is a Colorist for Aftermath Islands. Laura has been a comic book colorist since 1985, who has produced work for several of the major comic companies, including DC Comics, Marvel Comics and CrossGen.
Richard Johnson is a Colorist for Aftermath Islands. Richard is a Michigan based artist with a swiss-army-knife skill set and a love for alliterations. For Aftermath Islands he brings his digital illustration skills to the table and works with other members of the team to create stunning visual assets!
Walter Figueroa is a Pencil Artist for Aftermath Islands. Walter has been drawing professionally for the past decade for various studios and publishers. His work has appeared in Moonstone Books, Vampire Vixens: The Monster in Pleasant Lake, Ghosts: Daddy Came Back, The Twilight Crusade series and many more!

A successful team with a proven track record

With over 35 industry experience, the Team has been recognized and awarded internationally for business, service and community support activities.

Aftermath Islands Metaverse becomes a controlled subsidiary of Liquid Avatar Technologies.


The team introduced an innovative program for digital identity, Liquid Avatar.


the Pegasus team developed KABN’s identity platform KABN ID.


David became a co-founder of KABN, which focused on the compliance and liquidity issues surrounding digital currencies.


Catch Star Studios created and co-produced the series Stars and Pinstripes which, David and his co-executive producers were Nominated for a NY Emmy Award.


John Wick star Keanu Reeves engages at a live multi-lingual online chat with David’s Team together with Amazon’s IMDB platform.


Together with AMC Theatres in New York and Steven Spielberg productions, create global, multi-lingual chat and live online interview with Steven Spielberg for the debut of War Horse.


David and his team provided the technology for the first Formula 1 Racing League online chats.


Liquid Avatar Technologies, launched Oasis Digital Studios, an agency dedicated to supporting Artists and Talent with their Non-Fungible Token (NFT) projects and programs and the Aftermath Islands Metaverse to focus on the intersection of digital identity, avatars, and emerging mixed reality platforms.


KABN North America became a publicly listed company in Canada and fully embraced and promoted the Liquid Avatar program.


David joined the National Crowdfunding Association of Canada as a member of their Advisory group.


David and a broadcast team formed Catch Star Studios, an enterprise that focuses on media, technology, and merchandising for the sports and entertainment industry, which led to the development of a new interactive engagement platform for online and mobile video, which helped support the launch of Under Armor’s Steph Curry athletic shoe line.


The team worked with Disney Animation to create a global, multi-language “flash event”’ for the worldwide online video premiere for the song Let It Go with Demi Lovato from the movie Frozen.


Created and deployed online language technology that was instrumental in Achieving a Guinness World Record in 2011 for the Most Nationalities in an Online Chat, which still stands today at 88.


Created an online marketing and eCommerce program for the Canadian Olympic Hockey team, featuring the first NHL players to join the Olympic competition, which included a promotional program featuring Wayne Gretzky for the Japanese market.


KABN North America changed its name to Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc., expanded its programs globally, launched its mobile app, and continues to thrive as a leader in the digital identity arena.


KABN North America was launched as part of the KABN Network to support digital identity.


David and his team founded Pegasus Fintech, to support founders, innovative technology developers, and emerging companies in their efforts to preserve long-term ownership and promote growth opportunities through compliant business solutions.


Live 68 language online multimedia event for Lucas Films and Disney for the launch of Star Wars: The Awaking of the Force and the introduction of BB8.


Completed milestone multi-language using artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing for Disney, Dreamworks, Marvel, KISS, IndyCar, Clear Channel, Variety, Fox, Yahoo!, MSN and other brands.


Created initiatives in the not-for-profit sector, raising millions for organizations like the Children’s Miracle Network, DARE America, Reach for the Rainbow, and Ovarian Cancer Canada.

Exported encryption technology from the United States to develop the concept and lead the initial online payment gateway team for the Canadian banking industry.