Lost Kingdom of T’Sara – Ticket Redemption

For every 500 Resource Pack NFTs a player generates, they will receive 1 redeemable ticket.

No limits. Weekly Ticket earnings are reported each Thursday at 5pm ET and will be posted at the link below.

This form must be completed to qualify for tickets. You only need to complete the form one time to be registered for the program.  NFTs collected prior to registration are not eligible.

Tickets are an individual reward for LKoT play and currently are not transferable. However, we reserve the right to change this information in the future.

Please put the subject as: Redeem my tickets



Discord name

WAX Wallet ID

# of ticket you wish to redeem

*by emailing us your redemption request, you are agreeing to trade in your tickets for the prize you selected*

Prizes are available in limited quantities. Act fast as items will be awarded on a first come, first served basis, based on time of email request.

If you choose a prize and it was claimed before your entry, resulting in no more available, we will reach out to you by email and allow you to claim a different prize or keep your tickets.

You can only redeem ONE item per email request, however you can fill in the form multiple times.

You need a WAX Wallet to receive your item.

You will receive your prize within 5 business days.


You can redeem your tickets in groups of 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 !


To redeem your tickets, please fill in the form below, by selecting the amount of tickets you wish to redeem and the prize you wish to claim.

You can redeem as many tickets as you would like and can submit the form multiple times as you earn additional tickets and qualify for more prizes.  This form only allows 1 prize request per submission to claim a second prize refresh the form and submitted again with the new request.

Land options for 25, 50, 100 and 250 ticket redeemption:

25 Tickets

Single plot on a Community Island, selected at random

50 Tickets

4 plot on a Community Island, selected at random

100 Tickets

9 plot on a Theme Island, select one of the following:

Elven Inlet 9 Plot Parcel 3

Collector Aisle 9 Plot Parcel 41

Collector Aisle 9 Plot Parcel 27

Elven Inlet 9 Plot Parcel 7

250 Tickets

16 plot on a Theme Island, select one of the following:

Collector Aisle 16 Plot Parcel 21

Camelot Cay 16 Plot Parcel 19

Horseshoe Bay 16 Plot Parcel 18

Survival Island 16 Plot Parcel 20

Harvest Island 16 Plot Parcel 20