1st Year Anniversary Program – Sponsored by TDN

Trade in your Resource Packs (RP) that you have minted in Lost Kingdom of T’Sara for TDN Gift Cards!

Terms and conditions may apply. Please follow the instructions below on how to redeem TDN gift cards

Trade in your Resource Packs (RP) that you have minted in LKoT for TDN gift cards!

The more points redeemed, the higher the TDN gift card is!

No Purchase necessary, void where prohibited. Terms and Conditions may apply*

How to participate in the $1 million challenge

Have an active Lost Kingdom of T’Sara (LKoT) account

Redeem your RP’s from October 4, 2023 at 10am Eastern Time to November 17, 2023 at 5pm Eastern Time.

Have the correct amount of points for the value of the gift card wanting to redeem. Maximum redemption for any single user / account / wallet is $2,000 in TDN Gift Cards.

You can redeem a combination of different resources, as long as the value equals the total amount of points needed to redeem.

Have a Wax Wallet and XUMM Wallet. If you do not have a XUMM wallet, please go to TDN Discord to learn how to set one up. Required for the TDN Gift Card.

How to Redeem you RP's for TDN Gift Cards

Send an email to lkottdnchallenge@gmail.com that includes the following information:

  • LKoT PlayerID
  • WAX wallet address and XUMM Wallet address
  • Discord Name
  • The Resource Packs you want to redeem and the total points
  • The value of the gift cards

Once your email has been received and approved, you will be asked to select a time on a Calendly to transfer the RPs

Redemption Calls begin October 23, 2023

Attend the Redemption call and transfer your RP’s to the Anniversary Wallet. Everything needs to be ready on the call or you’ll need to be rescheduled.

You will get confirmation and received your acknowledgment that you will be getting your TDN Gift Card within 3 business days.

Receive your TDN Gift card to your XUMM Wallet.

*Terms and Conditions

The issuance of prizes is controlled by Aftermath Islands and TDN and all decisions on the issuance the ticket redemption is at the sole discretion of Aftermath Islands and TDN.

Promotion begins October 4, 2023 at 10:01 am Eastern Time and ends November 17, 2023 at 4:59pm Eastern Time.

Redemption Calls begin October 23, 2023 and will be available Monday – Friday, from 12pmET-2pmET. Different time may be available upon request.

The user must have an active LKoT account. Any accounts that have been banned will not be able to participate in the promotion.

Users must have a XUMM wallet to receive their TDN gift card. The XUMM wallet must be set up before the Redemption Call.

There will be no expire date on the TDN gift card.

The TDN gift card needs to be redeemed in full, there will be no left over amount.

TDN gift cards will be delivered to the XUMM wallet as an NFT.

As of October 4, 2023, the TDN gift card will NOT be able to be redeemed for TDN tokens. TDN has the power to change this in the future.

The user will be responsible for transferring all the tickets they are wishing to redeem on the Redemption Call.

Users can redeem as many times as they would like for a total of $2000 in TDN Gift Cards.

Aftermath Islands and TDN reserves the right to discontinue the program at any time and refuse winners who violate its Terms of Service and / or Privacy Policy. 

TDN gift cards are not transferable and will be sent out within XX days from receiving confirmation and acknowledgement of Resource Pack transfer.

Program is subject to change without notice at the sole discretion of Aftermath Islands Metaverse Limited and TDN, The Delux Network.

Void where prohibited. 

Prizes are non-transferable. No substitution of prize or transfer/assignment of prize to others or request for the cash equivalent by winners is permitted.