Earth Base Alpha is the first of a chain of islands, in the Aftermath Islands Metaverse, that houses a spaceport, production facilities, research, astronaut training, an underground facility (Inner Earth) and base of operations dedicated to space travel, exploration and expansion. Private enterprise, manufacturing, development, and other activities will be permitted as well.

Interdimensional research and activities will also be conducted on Earth Base Alpha. Aside from Earth Base Alpha and Inner Earth, additional expansion colonies will be established:

The first is Cloud Command Cloud Command will be the first off planet Virtual land in the Aftermath Islands Metaverse that sits in the clouds and is the gateway station to outer space. Cloud Command will go on Sale later this year. Expansion of the Aftermath Islands Metaverse to include moons and other planets is expected in 2024.


Get a wearable Space Suit!

A single  purchase before midnight June 6th 2022 of $500 USD or more before discounts that includes at least 1 plot or parcel of land on Earth Base Alpha will receive their very own space suit.

Your very own customized EBA Personal Shuttle!

A single purchase before midnight June 6th 2022, of $1500 USD or more before discounts that includes at least 1 plot or parcel of land on Earth Base Alpha will receive a Space Suit AND a customizable EBA Personal Shuttle  space craft.   The first in a line of customizable in game items in Aftermath Islands, your craft will be painted any single colour of your choice and be imprinted with your supplied logo or word mark when  the game goes live.

A Golden Ticket entitles you to Aftermath Island VIP treatment

If you purchase $800 USD before discounts or more of Virtual Land on Earth Base Alpha between May 24 and June 6, 2022, you will be given a “golden ticket” to an exclusive private presale of Cloud Command and later exchanged in game for a single round trip ticket to ride to Cloud Command and then transport to space, along with an opportunity to be the first “Outers” settling the Moon and other expansion planets (expected in 2024).  Golden tickets will be NFTs and can be transferred. 

Limit of 1 gift with purchase qualification per Wax Wallet. If multiple qualifying purchases have been made during the promotion period the largest purchase will be used to determine gift level.

Promotion runs from May 24, 2022 – 12:01AM to June 6, 2022 – 11:59 PM Pacific. Please allow up to 7 days after promotion ends for delivery of Gifts.
For Clarity: A qualifying purchase for the gift with purchase must include at least 1 plot/parcel of Virtual Land on the indicated Island and have been made during the promotion period.

Qualification for the Golden Ticket may be the accumulation of multiple purchases during the time period on Earth Base Alpha.  This Virtual Land must in a single WAX wallet.

Due to the inconsistency of email addresses and names used to purchase, Purchases are calculated solely on purchases sorted by the WAX wallet used at time of purchase.

See for additional details.