Aftermath Islands

by Crypto Games Europe, Ltd | |

February 13, 2021

Aftermath Islands is a massive multiplayer online strategic role playing game being, developed on the Tron blockchain network.

This whitepaper serves as a guide to inform players and investors as to the plans for continued development and growth of Aftermath Islands. As we are evolving the fame to a massive NFT ecosystem and added new content to support and use the possibilities given, we have to redesign technologies, good cycles and resources and rework some other details of the gameplay. More detailed information about specific gaming parts will be added step by step.

Anyone involved with our project has a voice. We value the opinions and suggestions of everyone who takes the time to communicate their concerns. This decentralized game will focus on the player demands and for this we added a global governance, giving the players influence on each development steps. This white paper will be created in cooperation with the Council of Kingdoms, which consists of investors and players.

Aftermath Islands will be as decentralized as possible, game account information, resources and assets are stored on the blockchain to prevent possible loss of user game activity. Aftermath Islands will help usher crypto gaming into mainstream attention. It takes advantage of current developments, very popular in the blockchain community, which have the potential to revolutionize traditional online games.

The user owns all of his in game assets, most of them are unique NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), but all of them are tradable in game and some even on marketplaces outside of the game.

As an owners, the players can take advantages of their assets and the game offers various options to assist them. For example they can trade their assets, sell goods that are produced by assets, rent assets to others, or put them in an asset pool offering automated yield generation. These are so called DeFi (Decentralized Finance) components, which will make it possible to generate an income playing the game and using the surrounding ecosystem. There are no legal issues, the game is designed to have an active trading and to generate profit for all users. All game economy credits are real concurrency.

The game progress, your assets and trades are all stored on the blockchain, to make it impossible to manipulate them. The will not use accounts and passwords, but user Accounts are NFTs itself and can be stored save by the user.

Aftermath Islands is development with support of Tron-Europe, a crypto startup accelerator offering a huge experience in all fields needed to be successful as a crypto startup on mainstream. The game, its tradable assets, player crypto currencies and DeFi parts match perfectly to the Tron-Europe ecosystem and both sides benefit from this cooperation.

Community comments and suggestions will always be taken into consideration. There will be different governance systems, which will give the community and investors the possibility to be involved in the further development. This said, the white paper will be created in cooperation with the Council of Kingdoms, which consists of investors and players!

Aftermath Islands is meant to provide endless hours of gaming entertainment for nearly every kind of player!

Game Theme & Background Story

The world as we knew it was flooded and destroyed by a 100 year rain. It was a slow rising flood, so millions of people were able to prepare and survive. During the time of this great flood, what remained of society lived on rusting away cruise ships, barges and makeshift boats and rafts. Many people enabled their houses to float, but violent ocean storms and nature has long since destroyed those.

It is now 30 years into the aftermath of the historical rain and floating islands that began to appear during the rain are becoming habitable. Pirates are the first to claim these islands and will sell them to the highest bidder.

You have to decide, how to start your story in Aftermath Islands. Will you be a land hopper? Do you buy your own island, or join others and rent or buy some land on a colonized island?

It’s up to the island owners, land owners and all people in Aftermath Islands, to rebuild a new land dwelling society.

Gather resources, scavenge for junk found on the island and washed up along the beach. All junk found will have a purpose in this new world. Store it, hoard it or sell it. Build your house, invite others to your island, fish, hunt and gather your food for energy. Build a whole kingdom together with others, research new technologies and be a part of this unique world!


Game Play & Features

General Concept

When you start the game, pirates will take you to an island and drop you off at the beach. If you already own an island, or some blocks on an Islands you can choose to start there. The island will be raw, with overgrowth and nature running rampant. It’s up to the island owner to begin clearing land and paths for settlement, exploring the island to uncover the map view, scavenge for junk and collect resources. You first want to secure your shelter, food and water. Additional community shelter will need to be built to accommodate any new citizens to your island, until they are able to buy land and build their homestead. Additional community shelters built by the island owner can be reused for other new citizens to join the island.

After this initial step you and other players joining you will build up the island more and more. NPCs will travel around and appear on your island, offering quests, goods and support. You can build more and more buildings, which bring benefits and offer services on your island. Some will be led by NPCs and it could also be possible to run a shop yourself, as a manager. The island owner can define a marketplace where people trade and rent good spots for people to sell their goods. This in combination with a game wide Marketplace and other services, which people can offer.

It will be possible to form kingdoms and elect kings and queens with integrated governance structure and own currencies gaining more and more value as people in the kingdom play.

There will be different regions and factions in the game, offering special blueprints and resources to benefit players traveling through the whole world.

The game will offer a growing number of play styles, making Aftermath Island a very unique experience especially with the used blockchain technology making all tradeable and giving everything in the game a real value.


Player Types

Island Owners – These players own an island. Besides owning and controlling an island, they have the same game play options as other players.

Land Owners – These players do not own an island, but own at least one block of land on one, or more, islands. Only citizens of an island (the land owners) are allowed to collect the natural resources of that island.

Island Hoppers – These are the players that do not own land, or an island. They are able to visit other islands, salvage things that they find and buy, sell & trade to other players on that island. They are not allowed to collect any natural resources from any island.

Pirates – Pirates are the game. Once every 14 days, a traveling pirate trade ship comes to the island and offers rarer items for sale, general salvage items and miscellaneous items.


Professions will play a huge role in the game, as they are the fuel of the whole economy.

Players will be able to choose one master profession and one hobby. Maybe there will be also skills for gathering different resources. Professions and hobby will have the potential to help you benefit and gain within the game. Wander islands looking for scavenge items, collecting resources and meet other players to trade anything you’re carrying. Players with a watercraft may visit any of the 10 random islands that surround the island they are on. The surrounding islands will change daily and are completely randomized. Players may scavenge the junk they find on any island, but are only allowed to collect resources from their home island.

All resources and scavenged items will serve a purpose in the game and can be sold, traded, or auctioned to other players. Use the items found to craft assets, based on your profession. You may also donate surplus items to your town hall to help build up your island society. Professions allow player to build assets required by other players for their professions or advancement.

The different regions and factions will have different weapons. Buildings and ships. You will be able to craft new styles and other stuff, to make your gear and other assets more unique and change its stats.

There will be guilds connecting people with same professions helping each other to get a mastery level and be able to build and craft very unique assets. A master in its profession will earn good traveling around and offering skills to kingdoms and other guilds. Guilds will have a governance as kingdoms and will be able to buy own islands and to build a head quarter there and they can also build guild houses in cities offering services.



The Pirate Shop is the game store where some specialized and limited numbered tokenized assets are purchased from the game, by players.

Not all assets will come from the Pirate Shop. A majority of the tokenized assets within Aftermath Islands will be created by players, using their professions. When players gather, or gain, the proper materials and craft an assets, they will be issued a token which may be used, sold or traded on the open market or auctioned off to the highest bidder. Not all crafted assets will be tokenized. It will be clearly stated which ones are.

Natural resources are not tokenized and are not limited in number.

There will be a lot of trading options for players, so the economy will shift to be mainly carried by the players.


PvP and PvE

There will be different areas in Aftermath Islands. Player owned Islands will be in the PvE area, others will not be able to destroy your buildings or to fight you. In addition, there will PvP be areas, where others can fight you and destroy your assets. Players can choose, if they want to take the risk for specials quests, items and resources. PVP will be added in a later state of the game, to offer advanced content for players.


Control Panel / Dashboard

The control panel is where all of your account information, town hall settings, game asset inventory, wallets, messages, transactions, friends list and game notices are viewed. Your account information, assets and game progress are saved and stored on the Tron block chain. Actual game play is off the blockchain, and is played on our private servers.


Map View Play

Map view play is used to navigate your island or properties owned, clear land, gather resources, locate friends on the island, build buildings and to watch your society grow. When first visiting an island, the island map will be dark. You will need to explore the island to uncover parts of the map. After full island discovery, then island maps are introduced to society and visitors will not need to explore to find their way around. Players will see a view of the entire island, then can click parts of the map for action options or to visit specific player lands. Owners will be allowed to zoom into their land and improve it by adding structures, gathering resources or farming.


Scavenge View Play

Scavenge view is the 3D world that you scavenge for junk in. Players will walk around in this 3D environment looking for random items to collect. If you encounter another player in Scavenge mode, you both will be able to buy, sell or trade, with each other, any items you are carrying. In future development, we will implement 3D player versus player battles, which take part in the already mentioned PVP areas or special places in PVE. There are also Ship fights planned.


Mini Games

Mini games will be played to hunt, fish, and to gather food and natural resources. There is no cost to play the games, but you must be carrying the required assets, tools or items on you to play. If you lack what is needed, the pirate overseeing the game can be bribed to let you play anyways, for a small fee. Bribes to the pirates for bonus won resources may be paid also in TRX at a rate of 1% bonus per 1 TRX, up to a 50% win bonus.


Island and Kingdom Battles

Islands and kingdoms will be passively competing weekly for “top” rankings for various categories. The winners will receive community resources and/or in game community assets. In future development, direct battles between islands will be an available game option, as well as 3D PvP battles. Winning islands of the battles will receive 10% of the community resources of the losing island along with game assets, given by Aftermath Islands. Islands may choose to opt out of these battles.


Daily Spin Wheel

Players will have a daily bonus wheel to spin for free resources and occasionally rare assets. The results of the spin will be completely random. Prize amounts range from common resources and refugee to rare NFTs.


Competition Prizes

10% of all partial profits are used to benefit users for playing the game. For example AIT will be bought on market and will be spread to all players in equal portions, which were active playing minimum of 4 hours on that week!

There will also be other player rewards and the island and kingdom completion prizes. The prizes will range from digital and blockchain assets to real world prizes.


Player Wallets

Player remain in control of their own wallets. Upon confirming your registration to the game site, you will be given the option of importing an existing wallet, or creating a new wallet. We suggest creating a new wallet to use exclusively for Aftermath Islands. Save your private key when creating a new wallet. We will not be able to recover your key later. Token sales and trades will take place on the blockchain, between player wallets, and not through private servers. Players are responsible for keeping their wallets safe and secure. Never share your private key with anyone.


Your character will be an NFT storing your appearance and making the game much more decentralized and they can be traded. Players create their in game character using our character creator. Each character is unique to what the player prefers. We will continuously improve the character creator with additional options. Player characters and usernames cannot be changed, once they are created. In future development, you will be able to change your character’s hair and clothing and accessories through settings in your control panel. Character NFTs can collect unique titles, styles and other stuff, giving them even more unique and valuable.


There are different classes of islands available, ranging from common to mythical and even rarer islands that are implemented later. Each island is a unique NFT placed in a specified region with an own style, for example Arabic, Asian or European. Islands will form sets, which give a bonus if they are all owned by one player, or if they are all in one kingdom. Each Blocks on an island can be sold or lend to others and there are different rules

There will be rare resources only available on a limited number of islands and also special NPCs and Quests.

The Population is capped for citizens on the island, however it can support twice as many visitors. Visitors can wander around looking for salvage items and trading, buying and selling with locals. Visitors can not harvest any resources when visiting another island. Ownership and authority are the only things that change when an island is sold. Land owners are not affected, other than possible governance change. Anyone that is not an island owner will have to either buy a block of land on someone’s island, or stay on a deserted island until land can be obtained. Islands are floating. You are only able to travel to any of the 10 random islands that surrounds the island that you are on. (Maybe implement a travel system so people can visit other islands and trade etc. highly builded islands can offer goods and services which are not available on other islands and so you have kind of travel tourism. People without ship can pay a fee to pirates to take them to another island. Big builldes islands and capital cities of factions could be known by pirates) There is a “home” button that will instantly take you back to your house.

Island Types

Oasis Island (rare)

There will be only be 1,500 Oasis Islands throughout the entire game. These will be tokenized Tron network assets, each with a unique identifier. Oasis islands will have all the natural resources necessary for survival. Wildlife and wild plants for food, wood, stone, fresh water, etc.

Each Oasis Island is made up 10,000 blocks per island, and 10,000 squares per block. Land is sold by the island block.

Each Oasis Island will allow a maximum population of 1000 citizens during the first town hall level. Once the town hall and city services have been ungraded to meet additional population requirements, your island will progress to the next level and your population cap will be increased by 100%.

Refuge Island (uncommon)

There will be a maximum of 3,500 Refuge Islands. These will be tokenized Tron network assets. Refuge Islands will have all, except two random natural resources. Players will have to trade with other islands to make up for what they lack. Each Refuge Island is made up 5,000 blocks per island, and 10,000 squares per block. Land is sold by the island block.

Refuge Islands will have a maximum population of 500 citizens during the first town hall level. Once the town hall and city services have been ungraded to meet additional population requirements, your island will progress to the next level and your population cap will be increased by 100%.

Mini Island (common)

There will be a maximum of 5,000 Mini Islands. These will be tokenized Tron network assets. Mini Islands will only have two natural resources, wood and one random natural resource. Players will have to trade with other islands to make up for what they lack. Each Mini Island is made up 2,500 blocks per island, and 10,000 squares per block. Land is sold by the island block.

Mini Islands will have a maximum population of 250 citizens during the first town hall level. Once the town hall and city services have been ungraded to meet additional population requirements, your island will progress to the next level and your population cap will be increased by 100%.

Deserted Islands (FREE)

Deserted Islands will become available after game play has begun for the purchased islands and basic features of the game have been developed. There will be an unlimited number of Deserted Islands. Deserted Islands will only have wood as a natural resource. Players will have to trade with other islands to make up for what they lack. Each Deserted Islands is made up 1 block per island, and 10,000 squares per block. Land cannot be sold or traded. Deserted Islands will have no citizens, no visitors, and do not advance in level. These are meant as a starting point for new players to try the game, before purchasing land on an island.

Genesis Island

There is only 1 Genesis Island. This is the developers playground. There are a limited number of 1,000 Genesis land tokens for players to obtain. They are not for sale from the game, but may be bought, sold or traded on the open market between players. Genesis Island is where we do beta testing, before releasing updates to the rest of the game. All resources are available on Genesis Island. Aftermath Islands presale is the only time that blocks of land in Genesis Island was sold to players. Land owners will be our beta testers for new ideas and game functions.

Genesis Island will also be the base home for the game pirates. This island will host 3rd party projects, retail stores, a BOOK (ART) library and bookstore, a legally regulated online casino, the Pirate Auction House and will be the epicenter for commerce within the Aftermath Islands economy and the world capital for the game.

More Island types will be added later.

Other assets

The game will offer various unique NFTs from hen to weapons, ships and buildings. It will be possible to personalize your NFTs with new styles, changed stats and abilities. Some NFTs will have slots to add equipment. Some NFTs will be able to evolve by using them or with special items.

The possibility of in game NFT crafting has to be checked, but is highly in discussion.

The Islands

Each island government, or choice of rule, will be decided by its owner. The island owner can choose government settings in their control panel. They will be able to choose how much to sell land to other players for, tax rates, laws, etc. As long as the island owner retains 51% ownership of the island, they will be the ruler. After they relinquish 50%, or more, of their island property, they still remain as the owner of the island and receive a minimum tax payment, but the island will become a democracy where land owners will decide things by majority voting and settings within the town hall. They will elect an Island major, responsible for building community facilities with island tax funds. Land owners will be the ones who choose what to build, by a voting poll created by the Island owner. Island owners will be able to purchase land back, to try and regain majority ownership of the island.

Kingdoms Council

Starting with the creation of this whitepaper, Kingdoms Council Telegram room for holders owning islands with a total of 35k blocks starts the Aftermath Islands governance. This council will be the universes community and investor entity bringing up ideas and concerns to the team. Its start with participation on the whitepaper creation and will evolve to a decentralized governance where they can bring up topics for vote.

Later the Kings and Queens of Aftermath Islands can vote on these things. They are elected by the islands of the kingdom and will be the voice of their kingdom. Each block of an island will equal to 1 vote for its owner, with these votes they will choose an island major. All Majors will vote to elect the king, having votes equal to the number of blocks of their island.

A kingdom have 1 one vote for every 35k block in the kingdom and can send one representative for each 35k blocks they have, up to a maximum of 3.

The council will have a voice on every part of the game, from fees to new developments.

TronEuropeRewardCoin (TERC)

TERC is the official voting reward token of Tron Super Representative Tron Europe. TERC will be the in game currency in Aftermath Islands and will be the Peg for all other currencies created by our users.

Aftermath Islands Token (AIT)

AIT will be the Booster currency of the game. You are able to store an amount of AIT in one of the available Boosters and it will be consumed over time, while holding the bonus effect of the Booster active.

AIT is also used to play the mini games, for example Aftermath Islands Slots game, where you will be able to win more AIT, resources, NFTs, booster packs and other stuff. AIT is also earned for quests. As AIT is traded and has value, you can trade and sell it. A part of the partial profits of the game will be used to buy AIT on the market. This AIT will be used to incentive active players in various ways. A part of it will be spread once a week to all players, which were active playing the game.

TronEuropeAftermathRewards (TEAR)

TEAR holder will benefit from 50% of the partial profits of the game, they are paid in TERC bought on market prices. Maybe it will be possible to earn TEAR for using defined components of the Aftermath Islands ecosystem, for example the NFT marketplace. This incentive could be used to onboard more users faster. Each island block of the game will be pegged to 0.1 TEAR, players are not only players in Aftermath Islands, they also own a part of the game!

Kingdom Currencies

Kingdoms will be able to create own currencies. The currencies will be pegged to TERC, to have the same base for every trade in the game. There will be a fee for creating the kingdom currency, which is paid in TERC. This fee is used to create the currency contract on TRON blockchain and a part of the fee is the initial TERC peg, which gives the currency its value. This base peg will remain in the contract forever. Players can add GTERC to the currency as they want to. The TERC in the currency contract will earn a part of the rewards that are paid for freezing TERC. A part of this rewards is taken as fee for maintenance and support. Players can exchange kingdom tokens to get the TERC peg paid out at Aftermath Islands bank, the base peg has to remain. There will be a small fee for exchanging the tokens for TERC. It is possible to rise the value of the currency and to mint more tokens of it. As citizens of the kingdom play, they will earn TERC which is automatically added to the peg. The king and its electors can change how the currencies behaves at any time, there will be 2 choices. First is to rise value, so there will be no new tokens minted and as the peg rises the value of the currency will even rise. The second option is to mint new token. The earned TERC will then be used to mint new token as enough is added to have the peg for a new token available. Minted tokens will appear in the kingdoms treasury and can be used to build up the kingdom by the king and its electors.

Everyone can always see the TERC value of these currencies and it is shown on player trades.

The TERC added will be a part of the in game fees that are paid by the players and maybe also additional funds generated for finishing quests. So every kingdom should try to have an own currency!

Guilds will also be able to create an own currency and from time to time players can buy a license to create an own currency too.

Fee Model

Every fee taken in the game will be used as defined here:

  • 50% of fees will go to Partial Profits
  • 30% of fees will go to Aftermath-Pool, the pool will consist of TERC only. Fees in other currencies will be used to buy TERC on the market. The pool will earn TERC rewards related to its amount, as it is forever frozen and will not be possible to get paid out.
  • AfterMath-Pool: 70% of TERC rewards earned by the pool will be used to incentive player of Aftermath islands, 20% will stay in the pool, 10% will go to partial profits

Aftermath Sales

Aftermath will sell islands and other NFTs and also Booster Packs and maybe other stuff later. Booster Packs will give the player a number of random resources, assets, NFTs, styles, and more with different classes of rarity and different odds. Maybe there will be a presale of Booster Pack tokens at a lower price.

In game Trades

Every island has a 2% protection tax on all trades which include a currency like TERC, AIT or others. There will be no fees for swapping assets or resources one for another. Once your island population reaches 50% of its total capacity, your protection tax is reduced by 50% and the town hall may be upgraded.

Upon advancing to the next town hall level, the pirates will raise the protection tax to 4%. You now have to option of opposing the pirate’s protection tax and risk having a battle once per week. Battle is avoided, if 50% of your citizens enlists to protect the island. This encourages an active community. If less than 50% enlist, the 4% tax is collected as battle damage and the pirate vendor skips his next visit to your island.

NFT Marketplace

Aftermath Islands will build an own marketplace for fixed price offers and auctions with NFTs. It will be possible to buy with TRX, TERC and USDT first. There will be a fee of 3% on every trade. Users of the marketplace will earn incentives from AfterMath-Pool. It is planned to open the market place for trades with other TRON NFTs.


We will develop different DeFi solutions for Aftermath Islands, its assets, NFTs and currencies in a later step. There will be different lending pools for your NFTs, production pools for resource generating NFTs and more.

Maybe there will also be the possibility to have your NFTs and assets as collateral to lend TERC or other currencies and players will be able to lend tokens to others directly earning fees in a save way. It is possible to build a whole in game banking system as the user base is at a certain level.

Kingdom Currencies

There will be an initial fee for the creation of an own currency and a fee for exchanging it for TERC at the Aftermath Islands bank. In addition 20% of the TERC rewards earned by the currencies TERC peg will be taken as a fee for maintenance and support, as each currency is a real token on TRON blockchain.

Q2 2021 – Planned Release of some Functions of the Game

Q3 2021 – Playable Beta Version of The Main Game

Q4 2021- Q1 2022 – Full Release of The Game

Crypto Games Europe ( ) is responsible for managing and overseeing the development, marketing, growth, financial responsibilities and customer service concerns for Aftermath Islands.

Teams will be hired based on their specific skill set to incorporate partner programs and games into the Aftermath Islands game environment.

Partnerships play a vital role with Aftermath Islands. We have established several partnerships that range from media and marketing agreements, asset usage from other games, token usage and asset sales reward percentage for TronEuropeAftermathRewards (TEAR) token holders. Our partnerships are intended to benefit both parties involved. By forming a web of partnerships, the blockchain gaming community can help each other grow and build a strong player base. Some of our confirmed partnerships include, Tron Europe (SR,)

Several other tokens and media partnerships are being discussed, but have not been confirmed.

Internal Corporate Governance Controls, Policies & Procedures.

The above key principles serve as a good governance guide to the Management Team. In addition, the Company has a range of policies that assist it in adhering to the highest standards. These include:

Corporate Governance Policy

This sets out how we implement internal controls to manage our business in accordance with high corporate governance standards. It includes board and other operating procedures that we will follow, and clearly specifies the responsibilities of the Board of Directors and also of each other member of the Management Team. Amongst other things, it specifies a reporting methodology (to the Board of Directors), conflicts of interest policy, and a series of other internal controls.

Anti – Financial Crime Policy

This includes a methodology, in full compliance with Bulgarian law (EU standard) to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing, bribery and corruption, and to report suspicious transaction to the Malta authorities.

Customer Due Diligence Measures Policy

This includes a methodology (to EU standards) to risk assess our clients including an approach for individuals and all types of legal entities.

Risk Management Policy

This sets out a methodology for us to identify, assess, manage and mitigate the risks of our business.

GDPR – Compliant Data Protection Policy

We take data protection very seriously and have implemented a policy to handle customer data that complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, which came in to effect on the 25 th May 2018.

Policies on the protection of digital assets and ICT/Cybersecurity

We have thorough policies and procedures in this regard that we have developed with the assistance of specialised professionals.

Anti – Financial Crime Policy

This includes a methodology, in full compliance with Bulgarian law (EU standard) to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing, bribery and corruption, and to report suspicious transaction to the Bulgarian authorities.

Customer Due Diligence Measures Policy

This includes a methodology (to EU standards) to risk assess our clients including an approach for individuals and all types of legal entities

Disclosures & Legal

Contents of this Whitepaper you must read carefully before participating in the AIT or TEAR token sale. The contents of this whitepaper are not used for financial promotions. No entity other than the company can engage in issuing AIT or TEAR, which are intended to operate and function in accordance with the plans described in the whitepaper (subject to development changes).

Sale of AIT and TEAR:

This Whitepaper and any other documents published in association therewith relate to a token offering for the sale of AIT and TEAR in respect of the intended development and use of the Aftermath Islands platform as more particularly set out herein.

No Offer of Regulated Products

This Whitepaper does not constitute an offer or solicitation of securities or any other regulated product, nor a promotion, invitation or solicitation for investment purposes. The terms of the purchase of AIT and TEAR are not intended to be a financial service offering document or a prospectus. AIT and TEAR does not represent equity, shares, units, royalties or software or intellectual property associated with Aftermasth Islands and Crypto Games Europe Ltd. or any other public or private enterprise, corporation, foundation or other entity in any jurisdiction.

No Advice

This Whitepaper does not constitute advice to purchase AIT and/or TEAR and must not be relied upon in connection with any contract or purchasing decision.

Obtain all Necessary Professional Advice

You should consult a lawyer and/or accountant and/or tax professional (as required) before deciding to purchase any AIT and/or TEAR.

Future Project

This Whitepaper contains forward-looking statements that are based on the beliefs of the Company, certain assumptions made by us and information available to us. The projects described in this whitepaper are under development and are constantly being updated, including but not limited to, its technical features. Accordingly, if and when the Aftermath Islands Game is completed, it may differ significantly from the project set out in this whitepaper. No representation or warranty is given as to the achievement or reasonableness of any plans, future projections or prospects and nothing in this document is or should be relied upon as a promise or representation as to the future.


Licences and approvals are not assured in all jurisdictions. The company intends to operate in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations and obtain the necessary licences and approvals in key markets. Therefore, the development and rollout of all the features of the Aftermath Islands and Crypto Games Europe Ltd. described in this whitepaper are not guaranteed. Regulatory licences and/or approvals are likely to be required in Bulgaria and, potentially, in a number of relevant jurisdictions in which relevant activities may take place.

It is not possible to guarantee and we, and no member of its Management Team nor its Advisers, makes any assurances that any such licenses or approvals will be obtained within a particular timeframe or at all. It is, therefore, possible that some features of the proposed Aftermath Universe may not be available in certain markets, or at all.

This could require restructuring of particular aspects of the Ecosystem and/or may result in its unavailability in whole or in part.

Views of the Company only

The views and opinions expressed in this Whitepaper are those of the company and do not reflect the official policy or position of any government, quasigovernment, authority or public body in any jurisdiction (including but not limited to any regulatory body of any jurisdiction). Information contained in this Whitepaper is based on sources considered reliable by us but there is no assurance as to their accuracy or completeness.

The following are risk factors you should consider relating to the AIT and TEAR token sale, Aftermath Islands and the projects to be undertaken in this regard.

  • The Company may not raise sufficient funds to execute and deliver the Aftermath Universe.
  • Aftermath Islands may be significantly influenced by digital currency market trends and their value may be seriously depreciated due to events in the digital currency markets not related to the Company’s actions.
  • Aftermath Islands will comprise a complex software platform. Its launch may be significantly delayed due to unforeseen development barriers.
  • Digital currencies are extremely volatile. Aftermath Islands may suffer from such volatily.
  • International laws and regulations may render the trading of AIT and/or TEAR impossible.
  • The use of Aftermath Islands may come under the scrutiny of governmental institutions and regulatory authorities.
  • The ownership of AIT and/or TEAR may fall under new and unpredicted taxation laws that may erode their benefits.
  • The company may not succeed in creating the necessary momentum and acceptance for AIT and/or TEAR or the Aftermath Univers which may result in low liquidity and depletion of trades.