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Aftermath Islands

by Crypto Games Europe, Ltd | |

June 1, 2019

Aftermath Islands is a massive multiplayer online strategic role playing game being, developed on the Tron blockchain network, that encourages community involvement. The idea for Aftermath Islands was first conceived in May of 2018. An initial, short term, presale ran from August 22, 2018 to October 22, 2018. The presale was mostly unsuccessful, however many players that did participate still wanted us to proceed with development. So we did. Development funding has been very limited, but we have steadily progressed over the months and have reached the time to expand our marketing efforts, utilize established partnerships and prepare to grow our player base to be ready for full game play launch.

This whitepaper serves as a guide to inform players, investors and speculators as to the plans for continued development and growth of Aftermath Islands. Anyone involved with our project has a voice. We value the opinions and suggestions of everyone who takes the time to communicate their concerns. Aftermath Islands is not a fully decentralized game, however game account information, resources and assets are stored on the blockchain to prevent possible loss of user game activity.

Aftermath Islands will help usher crypto gaming into mainstream attention. Traditional online games and apps are made to take your hard earned money. Cryptocurrency games generally require a small investment of that hard earned money, but give the players an opportunity to increase their game investment. How you play crypto games decides how much it costs to play. There are no required purchases of in game credits to advance to the next level. Current games and apps can crash and lose your information. Blockchain games are safe from this risk. Once you make an asset purchase, it is recorded on the Tron Network blockchain and can not be changed or manipulated by an outside entity. You own all of the assets within your account. In Aftermath Islands, all game economy credits are real concurrency. You may deposit, or withdraw, from your personal wallets at any point in the game. There are no restrictions for advancement. Play at your own pace. Player community comments and suggestions will always be taken into consideration. Aftermath Islands is meant to provide endless hours of gaming entertainment.

Partnerships play a vital role with Aftermath Islands. We have established several partnerships that range from media and marketing agreements, asset usage from other games, token usage and asset sales reward percentage for TronEuropeAftermathRewards (TEAR) token holders. Our partnerships are intended to benefit both parties involved. By forming a web of partnerships, the blockchain gaming community can help each other grow and build a strong player base. Some of our confirmed partnerships include, Tron Europe (SR,) MarshMeloToken (MMT) #1001071, KiwiBerry (KIWI) #1001050, BOOK (ART) #1001802,, and Cropbytes animal assets. Several other tokens and media partnerships are being discussed, but have not been confirmed.

The use of partner tokens within the Aftermath Islands world helps expand the game economy. Players will have a choice of which coin, or token, they would like to use when buying or selling assets within the game. Some tokens may provide extra bonus’ within Aftermath Islands. Tron (TRX) is our base currency, however other tokens with a consistent ratio of 1:1 with TRX will also be initially used for game store purchases. They are AftermathIslandsToken (AIT), CryptoGamesToken (CGT) and TronEuropeRewardCoin (TERC).

AftermathIslandsToken (AIT) is only intended to have value within the Aftermath Islands game. It is used as a promotional and bonus currency for players. AIT will always maintain a 1:1 value.

CryptoGamesToken (CGT) is the official game token for Crypto Games Europe, Ltd. Initially, it will maintain a 1:1 ration with TRX. As value builds, and CGT is incorporated into other games, CGT may have a varying value based on open market rates.

TronEuropeRewardCoin (TERC) is the official voting reward token of Tron Super Representative, Tron Europe. TERC will initially maintain an in game value of 1:1 with Tron within Aftermath Islands. As the use case and value of TERC rises, the actual game value will depend on open market rates.

Additional tokens will be added as partnerships are formed and new projects emerge. In time, we will have an in game exchange to calculate market rates and allow cross currency trades and peer-to-peer sales.

Aftermath Islands has teamed up with Tron Europe to offer a rewards token to participants of their Project Origins ( crowdfunding campaign for Aftermath Islands. TronEuropeAftermathRewards (TEAR) token holders will receive at least 50% of total game store asset net sales. We must reach the “soft cap” for the rewards program to be implemented. Upon reaching the “firm cap” goal, we will increase the rewards percentage to 60% for all TEAR holders. If the “hard cap” is reached, we will increase the total rewards percentage to 70% of total net game asset store sales.

The TEAR rewards program will begin once the Project Origins campaign has ended. The campaign will launch sometime in July of 2019 and will last a total of four months, or until all TEAR supply has been sold. Details of the Tron Europe Project Origins campaign are listed below:

TronEuropeAftermathRewards (TEAR) ID#1002400 – TRC10

50,000,000 Total Supply

2 TRX or 1 TERC = 2 TEAR, 1 AIT

Soft cap: 5 million TERC/TRX (50% rewards)
Firm cap: 12,5 million TERC/TRX (60% rewards)
Hard cap: 25 million TERC/TRX (70% rewards)

Each participant who purchases a minimum amount of TEAR listed below will receive an island token as a bonus. One bonus island per wallet/participant, please.

Purchase 50,000 TEAR and receive a Mini Island (token.)

Purchase 100,000 TEAR and receive a Refuge Island (token.)

Purchase 250,000 TEAR and receive an Oasis Island (token.)

Upon launch of the 3D play feature, Aftermath Islands will offer a TEAR buyback program. TEAR will be purchased, at fair market value, and then burned.

TEAR holder rewards will be paid weekly every Sunday at 00:00 UTC to the holder’s wallet. Rewards will be distributed as the TRON tokens used for purchases. For example, TRX, TERC, AIT, CGT MMT, KIWI, BOOK or other accepted tokens and coins will be received by holders as rewards.

Additional partner and promotional tokens may be airdropped exclusively to holders as an added bonus.

The whole TEAR supply will be offered for sale and distributed only once. Remaining TEAR after the Tron Europe campaign will be retained by Aftermath Islands, and frozen, until the buyback and burn campaign has begun. At that time, surplus TEAR will be burned.

Game Theme & Background Story:

The world as we knew it was flooded and destroyed by a 100 year rain. It was a slow rising flood, so millions of people were able to prepare and survive. During the time of this great flood, what remained of society lived on rusting away cruise ships, barges and makeshift boats and rafts. Many people enabled their houses to float, but violent ocean storms and nature has long since destroyed those.

It is now 30 years into the aftermath of the historical rain and floating islands that began to appear during the rain are becoming habitable. Pirates are the first to claim these islands and will sell them to the highest bidder. You’ve saved your entire life, sold all of your personal possessions and are ready for the chance to buy your very own island. It’s up to the island owners, and land owners upon that island, to rebuild a new land dwelling society.

Claim your island, gather resources, scavenge for junk found on the island and washed up along the beach. All junk found will have a purpose in this new world. Store it, hord it or sell it. Build your house, invite others to your island, fish, hunt and gather your food for energy.

Game Play & Features:

When you purchase an island from the pirates, they will take you to your new island and drop you off at the beach. Islands will be raw, with overgrowth and nature running rampant. It’s up to the island owner to begin clearing land and paths for settlement, exploring the island to uncover the map view, scavenge for junk and collect resources. You first want to secure your shelter, food and water. Additional community shelter will need to be built to accommodate any new citizens to your island, until they are able to buy land and build their homestead. Additional community shelters built by the island owner can be reused for other new citizens to the island.

Players will be able to choose one master profession and one hobby. Both will have the potential to help you benefit and gain within the game. Wander islands looking for scavenge items, collecting resources and meet other players to trade anything you’re carrying. All resources and scavenged items will serve a purpose in the game and can be sold, traded, or auctioned to other players. Use the items found to craft assets, based on your profession. You may also donate surplus items to your town hall to help build up your island society. Professions allow player to build assets required by other players for their professions or advancement.

Players with a watercraft may visit any of the 10 random islands that surround the island they are on. The surrounding islands will change daily and are completely randomized. Players may scavenge the junk they find on any island, but are only allowed to collect resources from their home island. You will be able to buy, sell or trade any item you are carrying, with any player within close proximity to you, on any island.

Each island has it’s own community chat channels for citizens and visitors to communicate. Players will also be able to send private message between each other and make private trades, not listed on the open market.

Player Wallets:

Player remain in control of their own wallets. Upon confirming your registration to the game site, you will be given the option of importing an existing wallet, or creating a new wallet. We suggest creating a new wallet to use exclusively for Aftermath Islands. Save your private key when creating a new wallet. We will not be able to recover your key later. Token sales and trades will take place on the blockchain, between player wallets, and not through private servers. Players are responsible for keeping their wallets safe and secure. Never share your private key with anyone.

Control Panel / Dashboard:

The control panel is where all of your account information, town hall settings, game asset inventory, wallets, messages, transactions, friends list and game notices are viewed. Your account information, assets and game progress are saved and stored on the Tron blockchain. Actual game play is off the blockchain, and is played on our private servers.

Map View Play: 

Map view play is used to navigate your island or properties owned, clear land, gather resources, locate friends on the island, build buildings and to watch your society grow. When first visiting an island, the island map will be dark. You will need to explore the island to uncover parts of the map. After full island discovery, then island maps are introduced to society and visitors will not need to explore to find their way around.
Players will see a view of the entire island, then can click parts of the map for action options or to visit specific player lands. Owners will be allowed to zoom into their land and improve it by adding structures, gathering resources or farming.

Scavenge View Play:

Scavenge view is the 3D world that you scavenge for junk in. Players will walk around in this 3D environment looking for random items to collect. If you encounter another player in Scavenge mode, you both will be able to buy, sell or trade, with each other, any items you are carrying. In future development, we will implement 3D player versus player battles.

Mini Games:

Mini games will be played to hunt, fish, and to gather food and natural resources. There is no cost to play the games, but you must be carrying the required assets, tools or items on you to play. If you lack what is needed, the pirate overseeing the game can be bribed to let you play anyways, for a small fee. Bribes to the pirates for bonus won resources may be paid also in TRX at a rate of 1% bonus per 1 TRX, up to a 50% win bonus.

Island Battles:

Islands will be passively competing weekly for “top” rankings for various categories. The winning islands will receive community resources and/or in game community assets. In future development, direct battles between islands will be an available game option, as well as 3D pvp battles. Winning islands of the battles will receive 10% of the community resources of the losing island along with game assets, given by Aftermath Islands. Islands may choose to opt out of these battles.

Daily Spin Wheel:

Players will have a daily bonus wheel to spin for free resources and occasionally rare assets. The results of the spin will be completely random. Prize amounts range from common resources and refuge to rare tokenized items.

Player Rewards and Competition Prizes:

10% of total game profits are used for player rewards and for island competition prizes. Prizes will range from digital and blockchain assets to real world prizes.

The Islands:

Each island government, or choice of rule, will be decided by its owner. The island owner can choose government settings in their control panel. They will be able to choose how much to sell land to other players for, tax rates, laws, etc. As long as the island owner retains 51% ownership of the island, they will be the ruler. After they relinquish 50%, or more, of their island property, they still remain as the owner of the island and receive a minimum tax payment, but the island will become a democracy where land owners will decide things by majority voting and settings within the town hall. Island owners will still be responsible for building community facilities with island tax funds. Land owners will be the ones who choose what to build, by a voting poll created by the Island owner. Island owners will be able to purchase land back, to try and regain majority ownership of the island.


Islands may be purchased from pirate vendors or other players. Every island has a 1% (of total island sales) protection tax imposed on the island by the pirates. Once your island population reaches 50% of its total capacity, your protection tax is reduced by 50% and the town hall may be upgraded.
Upon advancing to the next town hall level, the pirates will raise the protection tax to 2%. You now have to option of opposing the pirate’s protection tax and risk having a battle once per week. Battle is avoided, if 50% of your citizens enlists to protect the island. This encourages an active community. If less than 50% enlist, the 2% tax is collected as battle damage and the pirate vendor skips his next visit to your island.

Island Types:

Oasis Island (easy):

There will be only be 1,500 Oasis Islands throughout the entire game. These will be tokenized Tron network assets, each with a unique identifier. Oasis islands will have all the natural resources necessary for survival. Wildlife and wild plants for food, wood, stone, fresh water, etc.

Each Oasis Island is made up 10,000 blocks per island, and 10,000 squares per block. Land is sold by the island block.

Each Oasis Island will allow a maximum population of 1000 citizens during the first town hall level. Once the town hall and city services have been ungraded to meet additional population requirements, your island will progress to the next level and your population cap will be increased by 100%.

Refuge Island (medium):

There will be a maximum of 3,500 Refuge Islands. These will be tokenized Tron network assets. Refuge Islands will have all, except two random natural resources. Players will have to trade with other islands to make up for what they lack.

Each Refuge Island is made up 5,000 blocks per island, and 10,000 squares per block. Land is sold by the island block.

Refuge Islands will have a maximum population of 500 citizens during the first town hall level. Once the town hall and city services have been ungraded to meet additional population requirements, your island will progress to the next level and your population cap will be increased by 100%.

Mini Island (hard):

There will be a maximum of 5,000 Mini Islands. These will be tokenized Tron network assets. Mini Islands will only have two natural resources, wood and one random natural resource. Players will have to trade with other islands to make up for what they lack.

Each Mini Island is made up 2,500 blocks per island, and 10,000 squares per block. Land is sold by the island block.

Mini Islands will have a maximum population of 250 citizens during the first town hall level. Once the town hall and city services have been ungraded to meet additional population requirements, your island will progress to the next level and your population cap will be increased by 100%.

Deserted Islands (FREE):

Deserted Islands will become available after game play has begun for the purchased islands and basic features of the game have been developed.

There will be an unlimited number of Deserted Islands. Deserted Islands will only have wood as a natural resource. Players will have to trade with other islands to make up for what they lack.

Each Deserted Islands is made up 1 block per island, and 10,000 squares per block. Land cannot be sold or traded.

Deserted Islands will have no citizens, no visitors, and do not advance in level. These are meant as a starting point for new players to try the game, before purchasing land on an island.

Genesis Island:

There is only 1 Genesis Island. This is the developers’ playground. There are a limited number of 1,000 Genesis land tokens for players to obtain. They are not for sale from the game, but may be bought, sold or traded on the open market between players.

Genesis Island is where we do beta testing, before releasing updates to the rest of the game. All resources are available on Genesis Island. Aftermath Islands presale is the only time that blocks of land in Genesis Island was sold to players. Land owners will be our beta testers for new ideas and game functions. Genesis Island will also be the base home for the game pirates. This island will host 3rd party projects, retail stores, a BOOK (ART) library and bookstore, a legally regulated online casino, the Pirate Auction House and will be the epicenter for commerce within the Aftermath Islands economy and the world capital for the game.

Miscellaneous Information:

Population is capped for citizens on the island, however it can support twice as many visitors. Visitors can wander around looking for salvage items and trading, buying and selling with locals. Visitors can not harvest any resources when visiting another island.

Ownership and authority are the only things that change when an island is sold. Land owners are not affected, other than possible governance change.

Anyone that is not an island owner will have to either buy a block of land on someone’s island, or stay on a deserted island until land can be obtained.

Islands are floating. You are only able to travel to any of the 10 random islands that surrounds the island that you are on. There is a “home” button that will instantly take you back to your house.

The Characters:

Players create their in game character using our character creator. Each character is unique to what the player prefers. We will continuously improve the character creator with additional options. Player characters and usernames cannot be changed, once they are created. In future development, you will be able to change your character’s hair and clothing and accessories through settings in your control panel.

Game Economy:

The Pirate Shop is the game store where some specialized and limited numbered tokenized assets are purchased from the game, by players. Not all assets will come from the Pirate Shop. A majority of the tokenized assets within Aftermath Islands will be created by players, using their professions. When players gather, or gain, the proper materials and craft an assets, they will be issued a token which may be used, sold or traded on the open market or auctioned off to the highest bidder. Not all crafted assets will be tokenized. It will be clearly stated which ones are. Natural resources are not tokenized and are not limited in number.

Players will have the option of which currencies to use for their trades and transactions. Tokens with a 1:1 TRX ratio will be used to begin, until an in game exchange can be implemented to offer a broader choice of tokens used for transactions.

Player Types:

Island Owners – These players own an island. Besides owning and controlling an island, they have the same game play options as other players.

Land Owners – These players do not own an island, but own at least one block of land on one, or more, islands. Only citizens of an island (the land owners) are allowed to collect the natural resources of that island.

Island Hoppers – These are the players that do not own land, or an island. They are able to visit other islands, salvage things that they find and buy, sell & trade to other players on that island. They are not allowed to collect any natural resources from any island.

Pirates – Pirates are the game. Pirates discover the islands first and sell them to the player. Pirates initially take 1% of the total island sales tax on the island as a protection tax. Once every 14 days, a traveling pirate trade ship comes to the island and offers rarer items for sale, general salvage items and miscellaneous items.

Aftermath Islands player accounts and wallet features are currently implemented and being used. Next is to distribute all island tokens and presale package assets to their owners. The Pirate Shop (game store) is currently being coded and is expected to launch by the time this document is released. This will help generate additional revenue to speed up development.

After the store launch, next we will work on a daily bonus spin wheel that will award game resources to players. Once the bonus wheel and Pirate Shop are operational, one team will begin building the map play feature, while another team will begin implementing the mini-games.

Map play is estimated to launch by November 2019 without crowdfunding, but we can greatly speed up progress with a successful Tron Europe campaign. The rate of development is directly related to the funding for the project. We are currently about four months behind our original roadmap, however, that was also based on a successful presale. Development has been slow, but steady. Funding has been from private sources, and some presale funds, to this point.

Crypto Games Europe ( ) is responsible for managing and overseeing the development, marketing, growth, financial responsibilities and customer service concerns for Aftermath Islands.

The technology development team is outsourced to a technology development company based in Punjab, India. Rev Infotech Private Limited ( ) employs over 100 people, each specialized in their field for blockchain and web development, and have been a trusted international development company for over eleven years. Rev Infotech is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Other outsourced teams may need to be added as development progresses and funding increases.. Teams will be hired based on their specific skill set to incorporate partner programs and games into the Aftermath Islands game environment.

July 2019:
Island token distribution. Pirate Shop asset sales begin.

August 2019:
Daily bonus wheel launched.

September 2019:
First mini games will be released. Players will be able to play games for resources.

November 2019:
User accounts and mini games available on mobile apps.
Map view resource collection enabled.
Island chat and private mailboxes complete.
TEAR-Snapshot for AIT-Distribution

December 2019:
Player land plots customization launched. Players can begin clearing paths, gathering resources and building basic structures and assets.
Avatar / Character creator feature launched.
Player resource market open for trading.

January 2020:
Begin creating 3D scavenge mode.
All “Survival Era” assets released.

February 2020:
Implement player rewards program.
Begin island vs island battles.
“Eden Era” assets released for sale.

April 2020:
Basic 3D scavenge mode released.

Once the 3D basics scavenge mode it released, we will continuously work to improve the 3D game play feature, add fun and creative mini games and progress to the next era in general game play. Improvements to island features, graphics, battles and player lands will also be a priority. Genesis Island will always be evolving and growing. We have several 3rd party projects planned, but must keep them secretive for proprietary purposes. The plans for Genesis Island far exceeds anything we have seen in any game yet, so that must remain top secret for now.

Aftermath Islands Project Origins –

Crypto Games Europe

SR Tron Europe

Project Origins

MarshMeloToken (MMT) #1001071

KiwiBerry (KIWI) #1001050

BOOK Network #1002234


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