The Gameplay

When you purchase an island from the pirates, they will take you to your new island and drop you off at the beach.

Islands will be raw, with overgrowth and nature running rampant. It’s up to the island owner to begin clearing land and paths for settlement, exploring the island to uncover the map view, scavenge for junk and collect resources.

You first want to secure your shelter, food and water. Additional shelter will need to be built to accommodate any new land owners to your island, until they are able to build their own. Additional shelters built by the island owner can be reused for other new citizens to the island.

Ancient Map

The Characters

Players will be able to choose one profession, one hobby and specialize in one survival skill. All three will have the potential to help you profit in the game.

Wander islands looking for scavenge items, collecting resources and meet other players to trade anything you’re carrying. All resources and scavenged items will serve a purpose in the game and can be sold, traded, or auctioned to other players.

Use the items found to craft assets, based on your profession. You may also donate surplus items to your town hall to help build up your island society.

Oasis Island

Players create their in-game character using our character creator. Each character is unique to what the player prefers. We will continuously improve the character creator with additional options.

Player characters and usernames cannot be changed once they are created. In future development, you will be able to change your character’s hair and clothing and accessories through settings in your control panel.

Player Types

Island Owners

Island Owners:

These players own an island. Besides owning and controlling an island, they have the same game play options as other players.

Land Owners

These players do not own an island, but own at least one block of land on one, or more, islands.

Only citizens of an island (the land owners) are allowed to collect the natural resources of that island.

Land Owners
Island Hoppers

Island Hoppers

These are the players that do not own land, or an island.

They are able to visit other islands, salvage things that they find and buy, sell & trade to other players on that island.

They are not allowed to collect any natural resources from any island.


Pirates are the game.

Pirates discover the islands first and sell them to the player. Pirates take 1% of the total island sales tax on the island as a protection tax.

After an island population reaches half its maximum capacity, the tax rate is reduced by half.

Once every 14 days, a traveling pirate trade ship comes to the island and offers rarer items for sale, general salvage items and offers to buy a limited number of misc. items.


While on the island

Players with a watercraft may visit any of the 10 random islands that surround the island they are on.

Aftermath Islands Assets - Boat

The surrounding islands will change daily and are completely randomized.

Players may scavenge the junk they find on any island but are only allowed to collect resources from their home island. You will be able to buy, sell or trade any item you are carrying, with any player within close proximity to you, on any island.

Each island has its own community chat channel.

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Game Views


Control Panel

The control panel is where all of your account information, town hall settings, game asset inventory, wallets, messages, transactions, friends list and game notices are viewed.

Your account information, wallets and game progress are saved and stored on the Tron blockchain. Actual gameplay is done off the blockchain and is played on our private servers.

Map View

Map view is used to navigate your island, clear land, gather resources, locate friends on the island, build buildings and to watch your society grow.

When first visiting an island, during its Survival Era, the island map will be dark. You will need to explore the island to uncover parts of the map. This feature will end at the Eden Era, when island maps are introduced to society.


Scavenge View

Scavenge view is the 3D world that you scavenge for junk in. Players will walk around in this 3D environment looking for random items to collect.

If you encounter another player in Scavenge mode, you both will be able to buy, sell or trade, with each other, any items you are carrying.

Mini Games

Mini games will be played to hunt, fish, and to gather food and natural resources.

There is no cost to play the games, but you must be carrying the needed tools or items on you to play. If you lack what is needed, the pirate overseeing the game can be bribed to let you play anyways, for a small fee.