Game Assets

Each asset will have a space value that is used to automatically calculate how much stuff can be carried by a person, barge, boat, etc. or stored at the base camp or town hall.

Assets distributed by the game will be limited in number. Crafted items will not be limited, the economy will keep these under control.

For example, a Basic Hut will take up 250 squares. The Basic Hut is tokenized, but can be upgraded to a larger structure in order to store more inventory. When you upgrade a structure, you will be issued the next level token and may sell your old token to a new player.

Some salvaged items are repairable and require other salvaged items to repair. This is where professions and hobbies come into play.

Common items are repairable by anyone, however, hard to find and rare items are only repairable by specific professions. Anyone may buy, sell or trade any item.

Ancient Map


There are 4 classes of islands and a limited number of 10,000 Tron20 tokenized islands thoughout the entire game, forever.

Each island government, or choice of rule, will be decided by its owner. The island owner can choose government settings in their control panel. They will be able to choose how much to sell land to other players for, tax rates, laws, etc.

Islands may be purchased from pirate vendors or other players. Every island has a 1% (of total island sales) protection tax imposed on the island by the pirates, during the Survival Era. Once your island population reaches 50% of its total capacity, your protection tax is reduced by 50%.

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Genesis Island


Watercrafts are used to travel from island to island, transporting people and goods.

Aftermath Islands Assets - Boat

There is a limited number of 5000 pontoon boats and 2500 barges.

Pontoon boats and barges are used for transporting larger amounts of goods from one island to another. Space aboard these vessels can be rented for shipping purposes.

Row boats are limited to 10,000 and must be purchased from a pirate vendor.

There is no limit to the number of homemade rafts and canoes that can be crafted and sold by players. ANY crafted items may also be disassembled for the materials. When disassembling crafted items, one random common material required for that item will be lost forever.

Other watercrafts will be developed and introduced as the islands and civilization eras progress.

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Other assets



Axes are used by everyone for chopping wood. They are also used by woodworkers for crafting.

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Pickaxes are used by everyone for mining stone and rare minerals. They are also used by stone masons for crafting.

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Basic Survival

Basic Survival Kit

Basic survival kits include (1) axe, (1) flint & stone, (1) fishing kit, (10) food rations. The kit holds all these items, but only uses one carry space.

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Advanced Survival Kit

Includes all items from the basic survival kit, plus (1) tent, (1) water canteen, (1) recurve bow, (7) arrows. Holds all of these items, but only uses 2 carry spaces.

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Advanced Survival Kit