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The Lost Kingdom of T’Sara is an exciting upcoming blockchain “game” where Aftermath Islands Metaverse Account Holders can participate in quest-based adventures on a discovered kingdom, consisting of a chain of 7 islands, hiring Explorers who, once they reach T’Sara can enlist the support of “minions” or “villagers” to initiate and perform automated frequency / time-based tasks and other action-based quests.

Each quest’s objective is to gather resources and increase their Explorer’s and minion’s abilities (level up) to perform higher level / more difficult tasks and actions. The gathered resources can be converted from raw materials to processed items and then, as determined by the player (“Explorer”) and rules, into NFTs (non-fungible tokens) for use in the Aftermath Islands Metaverse.

Proof of Work and Staking

While not employing traditional cryptographic solutions, The Lost Kingdom of T’Sara uses modified proof of work and staking strategies to reward performance, increase efficiencies and enable other reward programs.

The Lore

As the waters have receded after the rains have stopped, the rebuilding process and The Age of Exploration has begun. The Governing Counsel, made of Elders of Aftermath Islands have sent Scouts to explore the world. These Scouts and Governing Counsel are the founders of the Aftermath Islands Explorers League.

During their perilous journey, the Scouts discovered a group of 7 Islands and determined it to be The Lost Kingdom of T’Sara, a mystical and wonderous land that was hidden by the rains and is filled with riches and all kinds of magnificent resources, animals, and adventures, tasks and wonders to be explored.

Landing parties quickly found great treasures at almost every turn, and a small group of Scouts was sent back to the Governing Counsel to report this great discovery.

News of the lost kingdom and stories of the bounties that await has already started to spread, and Aftermath Islands Landowners and others are hiring their own Explorers and deploying their own vessels to reach T’Sara to claim their stake in the riches that await.


An account holders of Aftermath Islands Metaverse can join The Aftermath Island Explorers League and “hire” their own Explorer. Account holders can select their Explorer from a range of pre-determined Avatars and then set out on their adventure to T’Sara.

Kingdom Landscape

The Kingdom is made up of 7 islands that form a chain separated by small channels. There is a single large island at the bottom of the chain, with 3 medium sized islands above it and then 3 smaller islands above those, forming an archipelago.

The Kingdom has dense forests, beaches, snow-capped mountains, great plains, underground caverns, deserts, and other areas that are ideal for all types of gathering. Abundant fishing can be done in the channels between islands and there are rivers and streams to power great water wheels and other man-made devices for crafting stations.

Enormous herds of animals roam freely along with birds and other tree dwellers. The plains grow flowers and grains, and the forests are filled with trees and bushes of berries. In some desert areas, small patches of dark, sticky oil can be seen on the surface. Underground, a world of riches with all types of minerals and other gems await discovery.





Minions and Villagers

Once reaching T’Sara, an Explorer can hire one or more “minion” or “villager” (a Non-Player Character) depending on their skills to perform “work” on their behalf to facilitate mining, gathering, hunting or harvesting (“Gather”) for their Explorer, through an automated process which will deliver a “load” of resources on a prescribed or pre-set period of time basis depending on the experience, skills and quests of both the minions and the Explorer.

Play to Earn - Gathering

Gathering, or work is the base skill that a minion performs. They perform and prove their “work” on behalf of their Explorers through settings such as mines, fields, forests, water, plain and deserts. Gathering can be affected by skill level (type of item and volume) and random drop factors that will present the minion with common, rare, epic, and legendary items (“special” items).

By leveling up, an Explorer can improve the key gathering factors such as:
  • Number of minions and the quality of their performance (ability to gather better resources and type of resources)
  • Time between “loads”
  • Quality of resources acquired (both by skill level and random drops)
  • Ability to perform other work (mining is basic, but other types of gathering may require other skills, requirements such as “staking” and use better equipment)
  • Other factors to be discussed and determined
The more you collect and play, the faster an Explorer and minion(s) level up. An Explorer’s minion may start at a base level with a pickaxe and a shovel and a bucket. As the minion progresses the shovel might deliver a higher yield in results, a larger bucket may be available or acquired or a higher level of efficiency may be achieved. So, the more you “play”, the more advanced your Explorer and their minions get and the better they are rewarded.


Resources may be crafted into assets. Raw ore that is mined, may be brought to a smelter, and based on skill and random factors, turned in ingots and a “special” item may be found among the ore. Raw logs may be sawed into planks for building. Gathered food may be processed for eating, etc.

General Crafting Stations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Smelting
  • Sawmills
  • Warehouses (for gathered goods)
  • Processing Houses (fish, produce, other harvested goods)
  • Windmills (for grinding grain)
  • Refinery
  • Tanks (for liquids and gases)
  • Jeweler’s Table
  • Tanning (for hides)
  • Textile Mills

Staking and Claims House

Once resources are acquired and depending on their skill and availability, an Explorer may stake some of these resources to improve various gathering factors (staking tree required) including efficiencies (time / load / etc.) and types of resources available (new discoveries / reducing random factors for special items). An Explorer may also have the option, from time to time, to use resources to “claim” various plots of land within the Kingdom and have certain rights to gather or “lease” those claims to other (likely an expansion item).

Minting House

As resources are gathered and processed, there can be a conversion process at the “Minting House” or bank that allows resources to be converted, based on pre-determined schemas, into Aftermath Islands Credits (in-game currency tokens), resources bundles and other items that can then be sent to be minted as NFTs.


NFTs will be put in the Explorers WAX wallet, and they are free to manage them from that point.

Trading House

Over time, a Trading House will be established for Explorers to trade resources so that they can create the necessary bundles for NFTs.

Early Sign-Up Bonus

Sign up today to receive more information and receive an in-game bonus of a one level 5 Explorer and 200 Aftermath Islands Credits