Each island government, or choice of rule, will be decided by its owner. The island owner can choose government settings in their control panel. They will be able to choose how much to sell land to other players for, tax rates, laws, etc.

As long as the island owner retains 51% ownership of the island, they will be the ruler. After they relinquish 50%, or more, of their island property, they still remain as the owner of the island and receive a minimum tax payment, but the island will become a democracy where land owners will decide things by majority voting and settings within the town hall. Island owners will still be responsible for building community facilities with island tax funds. Land owners will be the ones who choose what to build, by a voting poll created by the Island owner. Island owners will be able to purchase land back, to try and regain majority ownership of the island.

Islands may be purchased from pirate vendors or other players. Every island has a 1% (of total island sales) protection tax imposed on the island by the pirates, during the Survival Era. Once your island population reaches 50% of its total capacity, your protection tax is reduced by 50%.

Upon advancing to the next era, the pirates will raise the protection tax to 2%. You now have to option of opposing the pirate’s protection tax and risk having a battle once per week. Battle is avoided, if 50% of your citizens enlists to protect the island. This encourages an active community. If less than 50% enlist, the 2% tax is collected as battle damage and the pirate vendor skips his next visit to your island.

Islands will be passively competing weekly for “top” rankings for various categories. The winning islands will receive resources and/or in game assets.

In future eras, direct battles between islands will be an available game option. Islands may choose to opt out of these battles. Winning islands of the battles will receive a small percentage of the community resources of the losing island along with game assets, given by Aftermath Islands.

Palm Trees
Oasis Island

Oasis Islands

The Oasis Island Presale Package includes one Oasis Island, 90 food rations, an advanced survival kit, and a pontoon boat.

There will be only be 1500 Oasis Islands throughout the entire game. Oasis islands will have all the natural resources necessary for survival. Wildlife and wild plants for food, wood, stone, fresh water, etc.

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Refuge Island

Refuge Island (Presale Package)

The Refuge Island Presale Package includes one Refuge Island, 60 food rations, a basic survival kit, and a small row boat.

There will be a maximum of 3500 Refuge Islands. Refuge Islands will have all, except two random natural resources. Players will have to trade with other islands to make up for what they lack.

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Mini Island

Mini Islands

There will be a maximum of 5000 Mini Islands. Mini Islands will only have two natural resources, wood and one random natural resource. Players will have to trade with other islands to make up for what they lack.

Each Mini Island is made up 2500 blocks per island, and 10,000 squares per block. Land is sold by the island block.

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Genesis Island

Genesis Island

There is only 1 Genesis Island. This is the developers’ playground. It is not tokenized, or available for sale. This is where we do beta testing, before releasing updates to the rest of the game. All resources are available on Genesis Island. Aftermath Islands presale is the only time that blocks of land in Genesis Island will be sold to players.

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Deserted Island

Deserted Island

Deserted Islands will become available after game play has begun for the purchased islands and basic features of the game have been developed.

There will be an unlimited number of Deserted Islands. Deserted Islands will only have wood as a natural resource. Players will have to trade with other islands to make up for what they lack.

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And more…

Population is capped for citizens on the island, however it can support twice as many visitors. Visitors can wander around looking for salvage items and trading, buying and selling with locals. Visitors can not harvest any resources when visiting another island.

Ownership and authority are the only things that change when an island is sold. Land owners are not affected, other than possible governance change.

Anyone that is not an island owner will have to either buy a block of land on someone else’s island or hang out on the cruise ship until land is gifted to them.

Islands are floating. You are only able to travel to any of the 10 random islands that surrounds the island that you are on. There is a “home” button that will instantly take you back to your house.